Where to find the craic in Brisbane this St Patrick’s Day

Over the next week Brisbane will turn a bright shade of emerald green in the lead up to the St Patrick’s Day.

This celebration of all things Irish continues to grow in popularity and it’s not hard to see why: loads of live music, free flowing beer and a great excuse to dress up like a loon. Seriously what’s not to like? 

However with the day itself being on a Tuesday (a school night for most of us) many venues are making it a full weekend celebration, which means there are ample opportunities to enjoy the “craic” at one of the many St Patrick’s Day events around town. 

But what exactly IS the craic? There are many definitions but the one I think says it best is… 

“An Irish word for fun and enjoyment, usually mixed with alcohol and music”

I reckon it doesn’t get much better than that!

So if this sounds like your cup of tea / pint of Guinness then check out this guide to where to find the best craic on St Patrick’s Day in Brisbane…  

** Links to all these events are listed below

St Patrick's Day 2015

For more information about these events check out the links below… 

Best of the Irish Venues

Brisbane Irish Festival (Also includes info about the St. Patrick’s Day parade)

Mick O’Malleys

Irish Murphy’s


St Paddy’s Day Special Venues

Qld Cricketers Club Lunch

The Fox

Story Bridge

Rics Big Backyard

The Normanby

Riverside Pig & Whistle

Know somewhere to get the craic that isn’t on the list? 

If you know somewhere that’s having a St Patrick’s Day themed event why not drop me a line at hello@ourtownbrisbane.com? I’m always happy to update my posts with new info! 

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  1. I was in Brisbane for St Patty’s Day last year and people were pretty drunk pretty early. Kat and I got thrown out of Pig and Whistle and the only thing we can point it to is me jokily saying to her that I thought she’d drowned in the toilet because she took so long. We didn’t let it spoil our night though and partied hard at The Beat instead 🙂

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