Three Brisbane food blogs you NEED to follow

So let me set the scene. Its Wednesday and you’re beating the hump day blues by making plans for the weekend.

Now these plans could be anything. Maybe you’ve managed to farm out the kids to Nanna and are planning a long awaited date night. Maybe you’re catching up with your old uni gang to go to a gig at the Zoo. Or maybe you just don’t want to sit at home doing nothing.

Which ever scenario you can relate to they all have one thing in common: at some point you’re going to need to eat.

There are any number of resources out there that will tell you where you can eat – restaurant guides, directory websites, and good old Google to name a few.

But that’s the problem – there’s TOO much choice. So many restaurants, cafes and bars, so many different cuisines, so many different styles. You know WHERE you can eat but you don’t know WHY you should go there or WHAT to eat when you’re there.

And this is exactly why we need food bloggers.

Food bloggers boldly go where we have never been before. They scope things out and give us the word of mouth reassurance we crave: that it won’t be crap, that we will get value for money, that won’t be making a massive mistake. They give us an insight into what to expect from the menu, the decor, and the service and provide visuals to tempt our appetites.

So here are a few of my favourite Brisbane food blogs. My go-to people when I need to make that all important decision about “Where will we eat tonight?”

Eat, Drink & be Kerr

Eat Drink & Be Kerry




Kerry is the Grande Dame of not just Brisbane but Australian food blogging. In the business since 2008 if Kerry hasn’t been there then it probably hasn’t opened yet.

Why read her? You cant beat knowledge and experience! I love the Top 10 page because it provides plenty of dining inspiration (and is updated regularly) and you know if its made Kerry’s top 10 it has been well researched indeed! Kerry travels regularly so her blog is a great place to find recommendations for interstate and overseas restaurants and hotels as well as Brisbane ones.


Food Me Up Scotty

Food Me Up Scotty Logo





Written by uber-foodie Anthony Clark, Food Me Up Scotty is like a pilgrimage and a labour of love all rolled into one. His mission is to explore as many Brisbane restaurants as he can and share his experiences with the rest of us hungry wanderers.

Why read him? The variety of restaurants featured! Mr Clark is not kidding about wanting to discover Brisbane’s great eating spots – there is serious dedication happening here . Clicking through Food Me Up Scotty you are just as likely to find a review of a tiny CBD cafe as you are of one of the high-end restaurants, so you’re covered no matter whether you’re looking for a flash and fancy or cheap and cheerful. And he’s honest  – when his experiences are less than stellar he doesn’t sugar coat it. But even still  you get the overwhelming impression that he is being constructive rather than just  trashing the place – and that’s a rare find indeed.


Hole in The Wall

Hole in the Wall





I’ve only just discovered this feisty Brisbane food blog and I am seriously hooked. Its a collaboration between a group of mates who are dedicated to unearthing Brisbane’s hidden gems and it does not disappoint!

Why read them? A warning up front – if what you are looking for in a food blog is exquisitely photographed food-porn accompanied by flowery descriptions then this is not the blog for you. But if you like quirky, raw recounts of real people going to restaurants then you will love it. Reading Hole in the Wall is like asking your real life mates for a restaurant recommendation. You get their full-on, no holds barred opinions and there is absolutely no bullshit – and that’s what I like about it !

Note: you may come across the occasional f-bomb here and there, so if this gets your knickers in a twist then give this one a miss. It doesn’t bother me personally.

These are just three of the amazing Brisbane food blogs you can turn to when you need dining inspiration. But there are so many more our there that I’m yet to discover! 

Do you have a fave Brissie food blog? Or do you write one yourself? Either way  please let me know because I’d  love to check them out 🙂 

Rachel - Ed

About Rachel

Thirty-something Brisbane lover, trying to find the balance between FOMO and YOLO. Semi-retired party girl who loves planning itineraries for big nights out. Often found dragging 3 boys around your local farmers markets or attempting to sneak out for dinner with my husband, The Chef.

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15 Responses to “Three Brisbane food blogs you NEED to follow”

    • Rachel - Ed
      Rachel - Ed Reply

      Thanks Kirsty! Maybe now you have a bit more time on your hands you’ll be able to visit?

  1. I’ve been to Queensland many times, yet I’ve never been to Brisbane! Can we still be friends?

  2. What a great post idea! I have certain blogs I love to follow so sharing them makes sense.
    I love Eat, Drink and Be Kerry but hadn’t seen the others. Will be popping over now to join up xx

    • Rachel - Ed
      Rachel - Ed Reply

      Thanks Brook! I’d been reading Kerry for years but only discovered Food Me Up Scotty and Hole in the Wall this year. I couldn’t beleive I hadn’t heard of them before so I figured others might not have either. Thanks for popping by – and congrats on your feature in BMag! So exciting for you xx

    • Rachel - Ed
      Rachel - Ed Reply

      Speaking of which – any chance you could squeeze in a visit before Christmas madness takes over?

  3. I love real accounts of food places. There is nothing worse than trawling through trip advisor and finding reviews that are made by people who obviously cannot be pleased. I mean I found one for an all you can eat buffet place that complained that they could only fit 3 steaks on their plate :/

    Thanks for linking up with us at The Lounge!

  4. Hi there Rachel, thanks for the kind words – its definitely a labour of love – but not too taxing 🙂


    • Rachel - Ed
      Rachel - Ed Reply

      My pleasure! I only discovered your blog this year and it has quickly become a go-to when I need the scoop on a restaurant 🙂

  5. Thanks for including me Rachel. It’s great to know people are reading and enjoying my blog because it’s all about sharing food love, where ever I find it.

    • Rachel - Ed
      Rachel - Ed Reply

      No problem Kerry! I love reading about your adventures whether they are here in Brisbane or more exotic locations 🙂

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