How to see a band in your lunch break

The valley has been one big live music playground this week as it played host the BIGSOUND Festival.

The brainchild of QMusic, the festival brings the best of national and international talent together with industry experts, musicians and more to exchange ideas and inject fresh blood into Queensland’s music industry.

With a two day program that showcases the best and brightest of Australian music from 2.00pm in the afternoon until the last act at 11.30pm, getting to see everyone you want to see is a challenge.

Add to that the fact its scheduled for MID WEEK and that challenge veers into impossibility territory.

I had actually resigned myself to missing the entire shindig for this very reason until a moment of destiny occurred while I was idly scrolling through my Facebook feed…

How to see a band in your lunch break

Only Kingswood, one of my fave Aussie bands, giving away free tickets to a special gig! I immediately fired off an email which said “PLEASE PICK ME OH GOD PLEASE PICK ME!!”. And they took pity on me and said yes.

There was great rejoicing throughout the land, however there was a slight problem: the gig was set for 12.30pm – 2.00pm which was smack in the middle of work time.

However one does not win free tickets to see their favourite band every day so I decided to set myself a challenge…

I would see them in my lunch break or I would die trying!

Since this was a precisely executed operation I got strategic right from the get go. Here’s my “before” shot – at my desk planning my assault.

BIGSOUND Festival before shot

Lots of glasses and sensible hair in evidence as you can see.

Next was the matter of food. Since I was likely going to be too busy to eat during my actual lunch break I fueled up ahead of time with a mid-morning toastie and jumbo skinny flat white. You can lecture me about the nutritional deficits of these choices later – fact is they did the job nicely.

toasties and coffee

Then it was time for a quick superman-style costume change. I had packed a suitably “rock” top in my bag plus a pair of feature earrings and some shocking pink lipstick. Instead of a phone booth I used the bathrooms at central station and I don’t think the end result is too bad considering!!

Getting changed for BIGSOUND Festival gig

I gave the hair a quick shake out and then I was on the train one stop to Fortitude Valley Station. After a brief 5 minute power walk I had arrived at the BIGSOUND Vilage in the carpark behind Artisans (381 Brunswick Street).

I headed down the back to check things out first. The Sailor Jerry crew were there giving haircuts and tattoos. It seems like everywhere I go these days there’s somebody getting a tattoo!

Sailor Jerry Tattoos

But the crowd was there for one reason and one reason alone…

Kingswood crowd


I was too busy soaking in the performance to take much video but I think this snippet of a solo should give you some idea why my mission was worth it…

After that it was a quick sprint back to the station and then one stop back to the city. I made it back in time for a meeting with my boss, and no one was any the wiser as to where I’d been.

So there you go – it IS possible to catch a gig in your lunch hour! Especially when the motivation is strong enough.

What’s the craziest thing you have ever done over lunch?

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