How to Get Fit Brisbane Style!

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As we head towards the end of September, there is no doubt that spring has officially sprung here in Brisbane.

We’ve waved good-bye to the freezing westerly winds, the weather is warming up and we have approximately 2 more months of heavenly weather before the start of the annual sweat-fest that is the Brisbane summer.

However the advent of spring brings it’s own set of issues.

Hair removal regimes need to be stepped up (any girl who tells you she doesn’t slacken off in this area a little bit over winter is probably lying). Bodies that have been hiding comfortably beneath artfully draped layers during the cooler months need to be brought out into the light of day via weather appropriate shorts, skirts and t-shirts.

And for many of us it’s time to face the realisation that we haven’t done anything more energetic than walking to the fridge since February.

This year I tried not to fall into the trap of becoming a human sloth over the winter months.

And while I manage to schlep it to the gym on and off even I can’t fool myself that this constitutes anything NEAR the amount of movement I should be doing to…

a) maintain aerobic fitness, joint health and general well-being

b) burn off my twin loves: wine and good quality nachos.  

So if you’re like me and keen to shake off you inner sloth here’s a couple of things you can do to get fit, Brisbane-style


South Bank Park Run

Have you ever looked at the people running in events like Bridge to Brisbane and thought “I wish I could do that”? Or maybe you used to run but kind of let it slip and now you’re back to square one (I’m answering a big old YES to this one). But whether you’re a former runner or a beginner just starting out on their journey Brisbane has plenty of options for getting started…

Try a Park Run 

Park Runs are FREE 5 km runs held every Saturday throughout the greater Brisbane area. They welcome runners (and walkers) of all abilities making them a great option to dip your toe in the water without a massive commitment. All you need to do is register online to get a barcode which will allow you to get your run results via email. 

Two of the city’s most popular park runs are held at New Farm and South Bank so check them out.

Running Clubs

The following is a list of running clubs that operate in Brisbane. these clubs all have options for beginners so you don’t need to stress about not being fast enough to get involved… 

Brisbane Running Squad

Lazy Runner

Brisbane Road Runners Club

River City Runners



Brisbane Cycling

In the last few years Brisbane has been at the mercy of a cyclist invasion – they’re on our roads, they’re in our parks and they’re taking up all the good tables at our cafes.

So if you can’t beat them why not join them? Cycling is a fabulous way to get fit as well as an effective way to lose weight (if that’s something you’re looking for). More than this though is the fact that cycling is FUN! And with Brisbane’s beautiful cycle paths there’s no excuse for not at least investigating life on two wheels…

Get the gear

If you want to give cycling a go without spending much you can always rent a City Cycle for just $2 for the day! There are now over 150 cycle stations located throughout Brisbane so you have plenty of scope to choose where you start your ride.

However once you get hooked you’re going to need/want your own bike. The type of bike you need really depends on the kid of riding you want to do – and that’s when a visit to your local 99 Bikes  store can help. They have bikes to suit all types of rider from the casual leisure rider to the aspiring mountain biker, as well as all the safety gear and accessories you’ll need to get started.

Cycling Clubs

The great news is that there are HEAPS of cycling clubs in Brisbane, so no matter which suburb you live in it’s likely there one not too far away. Your best resource for finding out about these clubs is joining a cycling club in Brisbane is Cycling Queensland. They have a map of club locations with links to club websites, so you can find out where your closest club is and whether they’ll be a good fit for you. 



Valley Pool

The Valley Pool (Source:

Don’t like ending up a sweaty mess when you exercise? Why not give swimming a go? Swimming is a low impact exercise which is great news for people that have joint issues/injuries. However don’t be fooled that low impact means low effectiveness – swimming gives you a full body work out for your muscles as well as upping your cardio fitness. Winning, right? 

These inner city pools are conveniently located for a pre or post work swim – and in summer it beats sweating at the gym hands down!

Spring Hill Baths

DETAILS: 14 Torrington Street, Spring Hill.  Built in 1886 this is Brisbane’s oldest in-ground pool!

Valley Pool

DETAILS: 432 Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley. Booking your lane ahead of time is recommended.

Ithaca Pool 

DETAILS: 131 Caxton Street, Paddington. Wheelchair access is available via a ramp at the shallow end of the pool.

So now you’re armed with all the info you need to get fit Brisbane style there is NO excuse not to get out there and kick your human-sloth to the kerb!

What do you like to do to get moving? Let me know in the comments 🙂 


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