Greazefest 2014: a rockabilly good time

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WHAT: GreazeFest 2014
WHEN: Friday 1st – Sunday 3rd August
WHERE: Rocklea Showgrounds

Rocklea is generally a suburb you pass through on the way to somewhere else. Its an industrial area dedicated to heavy machinery dealerships, and a long haul truck-stop due to its proximity to Brisbane Markets.

But once a year this overlooked pocket of the southwestern suburbs comes alive with the sound of finely tuned vintage motors and the seductive swish of tulle petticoats as it plays host to GreazeFest, Brisbane’s rockabilly festival par excellence.

Walking to the entry we were already whispering to each other about the amazing costumes we were seeing. Guys and girls alike had gone all out and everywhere we looked there were cool cats and hot mamas dressed to the nines in their chosen style.

GreazeFest 2014 Rockabilly skirt flare

I just loved the way her skirt casually flared our around her when she sat down!

The markets were a kustom kulture bonanza with every sub-culture and niche represented. It turns out my boys and my 16 year old step-daughter all have a taste for this style and although I spent plenty on cocktail jewelry, bandannas and stickers I could have spent whole heap more! Like these cheeky skull pumps I fell in love with….

Cheeky skull shoes! Love them SO much!

After an all-American dinner of hotdogs and fries we spent the rest of the afternoon cruising the hot rods and other vintage cars that were on display. It was plain to see there was a whole lot of love in every single one of those vehicles. From the custom pin-striping (original hand painted decorations) to the lovingly restored interiors these cars were works of art worthy of the adoration they were receiving from the crowd.

GreazeFest Brisbane Chevy Bel AIr

Three things I want to do at next years GreazeFest

1. Get my ‘do done
One of the key elements to really pulling off the rockabilly/pin-up look for ladies is the hair. I think that really structured look brings the whole outfit together and adds a true touch of the era you are paying tribute to. We saw at least five different places offering both hair and make-up styling for very reasonable prices so I will definitely get there earlier next year to get some bangin’ victory rolls in my hair!

2. Stay on for the night life
While it was great to take the kids for the day time festivities, next year I intend to do the whole shebang properly and that means heading in for the evening festivities on either the Friday or Saturday evening (or both). Seeing all the guys and dolls getting ready to dance the night away as we were leaving made me super-envious.

3. Possibly a tattoo?
Hey I’ve been talking about it for a while now and what better place to get inked than at Miss Mimsy’s Fabulous Trailer Trash Tattoos! I didn’t get to speak to Miss Mimsy herself because she was booked back to back with appointments by the time we arrived. But she is revered for her fantastic flash book and custom retro designs.

And call me crazy but there’s just something a little magical about getting you tattoo in a place like this. If nothing else it will make a kick-ass story to tell the grandkids!!

Rachel xx

Miss Mimsy and her fabulous tattoo trailer

Rachel - Ed

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