Where to find the craic in Brisbane this St Patrick’s Day

Over the next week Brisbane will turn a bright shade of emerald green in the lead up to the St Patrick’s Day. This celebration of all things Irish continues to grow in popularity and it’s not hard to see why: loads of live music, free flowing beer and a great excuse to dress up like a loon.

The Best of Brisbane 2014

CREEEAAK. STAGGER. WADDLE. What was that? Oh you wanted to know what that horrendous noise was! Well my friends, that was ME dragging my over-indulged festive self back to the keyboard.

Celebrate! Your guide to the BEST Brisbane New Years Eve Parties

If you’re anything like me your New Years Eve experiences have been a bit of a mixed bag. I’ve had some of of the best nights of my entire life on NYE… but I’ve also had a couple that were pretty average too. The perfect New Years Eve can be an elusive beast to capture  for two reasons… 1. It’s highly individual.

Top 5 Brisbane School Holiday Activities

Today is the official start of the school holidays here in Brisbane, and for those of us with kids it is a welcome change from lunchboxes, uniforms and the punishing school schedule. It marks the start of relaxed sunshine-filled days where everyone gets along, and nobody fights or argues with each other and…. I’m BOOOORRRREEEDDDDD! Aaah there it is. Reality.

This Week In Brisbane: 18 – 25Nov

This week we’ve waved farewell to the  G20, as the last of the visiting world leaders departed yesterday. But if you think that means it will be quiet this week in Brisbane then you are dead wrong! First up we have the opening of a gorgeous new exhibition that showcases the iconic costumes worn by the stars of Hollywood’s golden era.

Brisbane Festival Hacked: on a budget

If you’ve ready my About page, then you’ll know that this blog was born out of FOMO – also known as Fear of Missing Out. It can apply to anything really, but for me (and many others) it tends to mean fear of missing out on one of the many amazing spectacles that make up Brisbane’s event calendar.