Does your suburb RULE? Vote for your favourite Brisbane suburbs here!

I overhead this conversation on the train the other day. Two guys were talking about going to Sandgate for a meeting later that day, and one guy asked the other guy if he knew where they had to go.

His answer?

“Naahh mate I’ve got no idea. I’m totally lost over on the north-side”

Can you relate to this? I know I did! 

I grew up in Springwood (Logan City) and apart from a brief but fondly remembered stint in Red Hill I’ve pretty much lived south of the river all my life. So basically, I too am a south-sider who’s completely lost north of the river!

I kept thinking about that conversation for a while, and eventually I had to admit the uncomfortable truth…

When it comes to some parts of Brisbane I have some MASSIVE blind spots.

I’ve never really explored the suburbs outside my comfort zone which means I’ve  been missing out on some amazing food, parks, cultural experiences, shopping… you name it really!

I’ve decided that’s something I need to fix. But where to start?

There are so many Brisbane suburbs each with their own individual character – how do I choose which ones to explore? 

And then I realised the answer was simple… 

Introducing: My Suburb RULES

I’d ask YOU to tell me where to go… literally! Who better to ask for advice about which suburbs to see in Brisbane than the people who live there? 

So each month I’ll be asking you to vote for a Brisbane suburb here on the blog, and also on the Our Town Brisbane Facebook Page.

Your mission (if you choose to accept it) is… 

1. Vote for one of the suburbs listed


2. Vote for your own suburb by typing it in the section marked “other”

The results of this months poll will be announced on Monday 9th March and the suburb with the most votes will be my first stop this month. 

PS. Don’t forget to share once you’ve voted! Especially if you know any people or businesses doing cool stuff in your hood. Tag them so they can vote too πŸ™‚


Rachel - Ed

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Thirty-something Brisbane lover, trying to find the balance between FOMO and YOLO. Semi-retired party girl who loves planning itineraries for big nights out. Often found dragging 3 boys around your local farmers markets or attempting to sneak out for dinner with my husband, The Chef.

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2 Responses to “Does your suburb RULE? Vote for your favourite Brisbane suburbs here!”

  1. I’m a south-sider born and bred too πŸ™‚ Okay, so I’ll throw a few suggestions around and you could maybe include them in a survey down the track. I’d love you to showcase maybe Yeronga, Annerley, Graceville or Tennyson. Pretty sure nothing happens in my suburb πŸ™‚ Great to see you today xx

    • Rachel - Ed
      Rachel - Ed Reply

      Excellent! Thanks Renee – they are all areas I am only vaguely familiar with so are good choices for further exploration πŸ™‚

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