No More Socks! Seven Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

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Men are mysterious in many ways (well they are to me anyway) but one of the BIGGEST man-mysteries has got to be…

Why  they are so difficult to buy Christmas presents for?  

Every year I set out to find interesting, unique gifts that the men-folk in my life will adore. And every year I find myself falling back on the same old standards.

A bottle of their favourite booze.

New aftershave.

Socks. Undies. You get the idea.

And while there’s nothing WRONG with any of these options, what they lack is personality. That special something that reflects their individual interests or circumstances and says “I get you. Because I care enough about you to find out what makes you tick”.

This year rather than resorting to the boring old socks ‘n’ undies options,  I challenged myself to come up with some unique gifts for the blokes of Brisbane.

So here are a few Christmas gift ideas for men that I think he’ll be happy to unwrap this year …

Gift Ideas for men

For the Motor-Head

Stokell Driving Events “Radical Race Experience” 

If the man your buying for is obsessed with cars and motor racing then why not make his Christmas by putting him behind the wheel of a real racing car! The “Radical Race Experience” is an unforgettable drive in one of the fastest production race cars ever made. Capable of speeds over 230 kms an hour, this is one Christmas present he’ll be talking about for a LONG time to come

WHERE: Packages available at Queensland Raceway, Lakeside Raceway or Morgan Park.

COST: Packages vary but start from $172 for 5 hot laps


For the Hard Working Bloke

A Luxury Recliner from Super Amart 

These days so many of us are stressed out, overworked and just flat out exhausted. If that description fits your man to a tee then a he’ll be in relaxation HEAVEN  with his very own recliner.  Super Amart have a variety of styles available that will let him put his feet up  – literally!  And if you’re lucky, he might just let you try his new chair out yourself 😉

WHERE: Locations throughout Brisbane and surrounding suburbs – check the store locator for your nearest store

COST: Prices start from $399 and finance is available


For the Stylish Gent

Scotch & Soda Gift Voucher

Does your fella pride himself on cutting a fine figure, fashion-wise? Give him the chance to shop till he drops with a gift voucher from uber-fashionable label, Scotch & Soda. Their Hawaiian inspired summer range will have him looking effortlessly cool at whether he’s at a casual BBQ or hitting a bar with friends.

WHERE: Stores are located on Edward St in the CBD and Carindale or he can shop online.

COST: Up to you! Gift Vouchers are  available here


For the Keen Fisherman

Offshore Fishing Charter from Frenzy Charters

Is your man happiest when he’s  “gone fishin”? Then send him off for a day chasing the perfect catch in Moreton Bay, courtesy of Frenzy Charters Offshore Fishing. The charter includes all fishing gear (although he can bring his own if he prefers) as well as bait and catering while on board.

WHERE: William Gunn Jetty, Manly Harbour

COST: $230


For the Beer Lover

Brews Brothers Beer & Cider Workshop

Beer-loving blokes can indulge their passion for the amber ale by brewing their very on batch at the Brews Brothers Microbrewery. The 2 hour beer and cider making course also includes a tour of the brewery AND a years Brewers Club membership, entitling them to substantial discounts – think $30 for a carton!

WHERE: Brews Brothers, 31 Wellington Road, Woolloongabba

COST: $80


For the Gamer Guy 

The Escape Hunt Experience

If you guy gets off on the challenge of gaming  then take him to the next level by giving him the chance to pit his skills against the Escape Hunt Experience. Participants  have one hour to break out of the room by gathering clues, cracking codes, and solving the case. This ultimate test of quick thinking and problem solving which will appeal to both online and offline gamers alike.

WHERE: 77 Russell Street, West End

COST: $35 per person (minimum of 2 people so you can do it together or he can take a friend)


For the Fitness Fanatic

Boot-camps Australia Membership

If fitness is one of your man’s top priorities then why not taking care the costs for him this Christmas? There are heaps of gyms around the joint, but for a real challenge you should check out one of the many Bootcamps Australia studios located throughout Brisbane. The high impact training is designed to push him out of his comfort zone and help him get the results he wants.

WHERE: Locations throughout Brisbane – find the one closest to you here

COST: $49 for the first month – email the camp coordinator in your area for more details


Hopefully this list has given you some ideas to help  you solve YOUR man-mystery and find the blokes in your life a Christmas gift they will love.

Do you have any fool proof Christmas gift ideas for the men in your life? I’d love to add them to the list!

Rachel - Ed

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8 Responses to “No More Socks! Seven Christmas Gift Ideas for Men”

  1. I always find guys difficult to buy for…but yes I did go down the path of a V8 hot lap package for hubby’s birthday earlier this year, and have bought him a concert ticket for Christmas to go with some friends. Love your ideas! Beth.

    • Rachel - Ed
      Rachel - Ed Reply

      Thanks Beth! The concert ticket is also a great idea – I bet he’ll be stoked 🙂

  2. I bought my husband a dressing gown for his birthday recently.
    A dressing gown you may think sounds kind of boring but it has turned into the best gift I have given him.
    You see he didn’t know he wanted one or needed one and so after he parade around like Hugh Hefner he sat down at the computer and realised he was warm and comfortable.
    To me it’s a matter of watching them daily and trying to determine what would make their life easier and more comfortable.

    • Rachel - Ed
      Rachel - Ed Reply

      I think you’re right Sally. And a good dressing gown is a must have! My bloke would cheerfully live in his all year round I reckon 🙂

  3. Awesome post Rach. I am so guilty of falling into the ‘boring’ gift camp for my man. You have just inspired me and I think I’m going to look into a fishing trip. I feel a bit excited now :))

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