Where to Celebrate Chinese New Year in Brisbane

Chinese New Year Brisbane 2015 feature

With  crash of symbols and a flash of a dragons eye Chinese New Year celebrations are about to hit Brisbane for 2015. 

The way I see it, if you really want to throw yourself into the full Chinese New Year experience you have two destinations to choose from.

You can head into China Town in the Valley or you can head to Sunnybank, Brisbane’s Asian food Mecca in the southern suburbs.

I’ve pulled together some handy information for both options, so here’s all the info you need to celebrate Chinese New Year in Brisbane.


If you’re planning on heading to Sunny Bank you MUST check out the Experience Sunnybank website!

Here you’ll find everything you need to know  about celebrating Chinese New Year in this precinct including events and activities at Sunnybank Plaza and Sunny Park Shopping Centre

Both shopping precincts will be hosting a variety of traditional Chinese demonstrations including:

  • Dragon dances
  • Chinese chop carving
  • Tai Chi
  • Feng Shui Consultations
  • Noodle making
  • Children’s craft workshops

There is also a comprehensive restaurant directory which will make organising your dinner plans a breeze. And since the area boasts a plethora of Asian specialty cuisines you will definitely be spoilt for choice! 

China Town 

The China Town festivities will primarily focus around the China Town Mall and Brunswick Street areas. The individual events that make up the program can be found at the Brisbane City Council website here

However I found it really difficult to get a good idea of the entire program by having to go into the individual events.

So I rounded up all the details and put them into this handy guide – mainly so I’d know what was on over the three days!!

As you’ll see there is SO much fantastic entertainment over the three days – and this doesn’t even include the roving entertainment and static displays such as the Chinese Zodiac Animals. 

Print it out or pin it so you can plan your day/evening!

Chinese New Year in Brisbane 2015 - 3

Do you have any tips for celebrating Chinese New Year in Brisbane? 

I’d especially love to hear about your fave Chinese restaurants! I’ve got a few I go to regularly but I’d love a few new recommendations to try 🙂



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5 Responses to “Where to Celebrate Chinese New Year in Brisbane”

  1. What a great round up for Chinatown! They should put you on the payroll. I love Sunnybank, and there is a particular Vietnamese restaurant tucked away in the corner next to the BBQ Duck shop (the one near the Asian supermarket) that I love. Mind you, there are easily another dozen restaurants in Sunnybank I’m eager to eat at so….

    • Rachel - Ed
      Rachel - Ed Reply

      Yep I know where the BBQ duck place is (it’s another one I want to try) but didn’t notice the Vietnamese place. The Experience Sunnybank website is amazing because finally there is a comprehensive list of all the places you can choose from. Now I’ve discovered this handy resource i think we will also be heading down there more often 🙂

    • Rachel - Ed
      Rachel - Ed Reply

      Ha ha me too! I’m going to stick with my frozen Weight Watchers meal today and save my calories for the weekend 🙂

  2. I went to school in the valley and have very fond memories of sticking my head out classroom windows trying to see what was going on in China Town. China Town would definitely be my pick for anyone wanting some chinese new year fun 🙂 #teamIBOT

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