Best Brisbane Suburbs for Families

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I grew up on the south-side (Springwood to be precise) but as soon as I turned 18 a large portion  of my life was spent travelling into the Brisbane CBD and the valley for the purposes of … ummm…. well let’s call it entertainment shall we? My suburb, while perfectly pleasant, was just WAY too far out of the action!

Fast forward 5 years and I’ve just come back from living in London for three years. Am I heading back to the ‘burbs? Not on your life! Instead at this point I opt for a funky unit in Red Hill – close to the city for work and uni and a cheap taxi fair home after a night out.

But then along came The Chef (my partner for those who don’t know) and three babies in quick sucession.

Suddenly a funky inner city abode was the last thing on our minds! 

brisbane suburbs

Finding a suburb that works for every aspect of family life can be a nightmare.

Ideally, it would tick all the boxes – close to the city, but not too close; childcare, schools and sporting facilities nearby; shopping facilities within easy reach; low crime rate. Of course, properties like this, which are also the right size for your family and don’t need immediate renovations, are also likely to be in the higher price range, making careful planning essential.

It’s not just the matter of having a deposit and getting a home loan from a reliable lender – there’s also the day-to-day budget management you need to consider. If you aren’t sure what price range you would even think about, try using the Heritage Bank’s home loan repayment calculator below, which will help give you an estimation of what you might be able to afford.

Keen to make the move to a family-friendly suburb but still struggling to wrap your head around where to look? Check out this list of Brisbane suburbs that might do the trick for you.

The Gap

Are you looking for a quiet suburb that is away from the typical hustle and bustle of city life? The Gap might be a dream come true for you. Relatively low crime rates ( are just one of the benefits of this sleepy suburb – you can also take advantage of its proximity to national parks. If you are craving the kind of lifestyle where you know your neighbours and trust the kids to head down the street to play with some local friends, this area may suit you best. While there are no major shopping centres within the suburb, it is only a short drive to many locations that have a heavier focus on retail.


Close to the city, your choice of educational institutions on hand, and all the facilities you could want – this is what Newmarket is all about. Add on local parks, the Newmarket Olympic Swimming Pool and a range of public transport heading in most directions, and you have a great recipe for family convenience.


Nestled between Chermside West and Everton Park, this neat little area is only a stone’s throw away from the lively Westfield Shopping Centre at Chermside. Along with a wide selection of quality schools, day care centres and activities, amenities such as swim schools and parks are only minutes away, regardless of where you buy in this suburb.


Crossing over to the south side of the Brisbane River sees a range of suburbs that have lots to offer families. Carina has the advantage of having a selection of different types of housing, letting you choose your property according to lifestyle needs. It is also close to Westfield Carindale, so you can enjoy a wide choice of shopping facilities without needing to travel across Brisbane.

The world of real estate can be difficult to navigate at the best of times, even when you don’t have other people depending on you to make a good choice. As long as you assess the needs of your family and do the research, you are likely to end up somewhere you can be happy to live in for years to come.

Have you recently bought a new family home? What suburb did you end up choosing?

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  1. We went a bit further and ended up at Bracken Ridge as it was a bit more affordable. The area we are in is very quiet and we have lovely neighbours. We are five minutes from Sandgate which is really nice, an 18 minute drive (on a good day) from my work at Kedron and there is a reliable bus that takes 35 minutes to get me to the City if I need to be there. It’s also really convenient to the highway to head north or Gateway Motorway to head south, and 10 minutes from Chermside Shopping Centre. We’ve been here 9 months and so far, no regrets.

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