Brisbane’s Best Jobs: The Goodwill Bike Co.

In my quest to uncover all the awesome things that make living in Brisbane so cool, I’ve set myself a new challenge…

Discovering Brisbane’s best jobs!

The way I see it we’ve all got to earn a crust somehow, right? So I want to find those lucky people who’ve managed (through hard work, talent or just sheer luck) to find jobs that are interesting, satisfying and most of all FUN!!

Each month I’ll be talking to one of these people who have managed to hit the job jackpot here in Brisbane to discover how, why and what makes their job one of the best in the land.

To kick things off, this months candidate for the title of Brisbane’s Best Job is…. 

Goodwill Bike Co - brisbanes best jobs

The Goodwill Bike Co. 

The Goodwill Bike Co. has only one mission: to give joyrides! Since April 2014 the company’s has been transporting people across Brisbane’s Goodwill Bridge and beyond on Australia’s only electric tricycle. 

Giving joyrides for a job. Seriously, how cool is THAT? 

The company is the brainchild of innovative of young Brisbane entrepreneur, Jason So.

Jason’s business inspiration came from his time as a student at QUT in 2012,

“As a student at QUT I used to walk across the Goodwill Bridge multiple times a week. I would always dread the walk, but it was the fastest way into the University.”

“I wished there was a way to get make crossing the bridge more enjoyable. So I did some research and stumbled upon Electric Powered Tricycles – a fun way to get across the bridge that wouldn’t kill the driver in the process!”

Fast forward two years and several obstacles later and Jason now has three crew members, and will be rolling out his second electric tricycle a new tricycle very soon! 

Goodwill Bike Co - passengers and tricycle

Two satisfied Goodwill Bike Co passengers pose with the company’s state of the art electric tricycle

How does a Goodwill Bike Co. joyride work?

1. Book your  joyride through the website OR simply catch them in the vicinity of the Goodwill Bridge.

2. Decide on your destination. While the tricycle is based around South Brisbane they are pretty much happy to take you anywhere within reason. For visitors wanting to take in the city sights drivers are happy to put together a sight-seeing itinerary for  including popular venues like Southbank, Queen Street Mall, and Kanagaroo Point cliffs.

3. Enjoy the ride. This is VERY important as far as Jason and his drivers are concerned – in fact finding joy in the journey is their number one priority. 

4. Pay what you want. Yes you read that right! At the end of your joyride YOU decide what your journey was worth and pay accordingly

This honour-based payment system is one of the most unique aspects of the Goodwill Bike Co. But does it work?

You may be surprised to know that the answer is overwhelmingly YES! Jason has found that the ‘Pay What You Want’ model has worked incredibly well because,

“When you set a price, people are obligated to pay that amount whether they were happy with the experience or not. , But when people can pay whatever they feel it’s worth, then it becomes all about the service, the experience and the fun! We’ve found some wonderful tippers and so many generous customers of all ages.”

Goodwill Bike Co - joyride customers

Job Highlights 

OK so joyrides are clearly a lot of fun for the passenger, but what about for the driver? Jason reckons the best parts o his job are …

1. Bringing joy to his customers.

“Some customers have said things such as ‘This the best thing ever!’, ‘This has seriously made my day!’ and ‘I can’t believe how awesome this is!’. One sister of a customer we gave a ride to who had crutches said that we had restored their hope in humanity.”

2. The only rule is to make sure the customer enjoys the ride

Jason and his team really are committed to making sure their passengers enjoy their journey so they can pretty much do whatever they want (within reason obviously!) to make that happen. 

For example, joyrides don’t have a set time limit – because they don’t charge on a per hour basis they can be as long as it takes to get the passenger where they want to go.  And as for the maximum number of passengers its only limited to the number o people who can physically it on the tricycle!

“One time for an Amazing Race we had five adults on board and cruised along half of Southbank. Another time we took four men across the bridge and they were hanging off the sides and high-fiving all the ladies!”

3. The wonderful shock on peoples faces when they realise he isn’t actually pedaling the tricycle!

Since no job is rainbows and unicorns all the time I asked Jason if there were any negatives,

“A few people have misconceptions that we are like some companies that are all about making a profit and charging high prices! With a ‘Pay What You Want’, you could pay anything and as long as it’s made your day, we are happy!”

Joyriding around Brisbane on an electric tricycle, meeting people and making them happy – I think working for the Goodwill bike Co. is a pretty cool job by anyone’s standards! 

For more info about the Goodwill Bike Co or to make a joy ride booking head to their website here  or connect with them on Facebook 

Do you have one of Brisbane’s best jobs?

If you or someone you know has an awesome job I’d love to hear about it. Drop me a line at if you reckon you’ve won the job jackpot!



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  1. What a fantastic story! I live in Brisbane and didn’t even know of the Goodwill Bike Co. I will have to treat myself (and whoever is with me) to a ride next time I plan to go to Southbank. Fantastic idea! πŸ™‚

    • Rachel - Ed
      Rachel - Ed Reply

      I came across them on instagram and was completely intrigued! I cant wait to have a go myself πŸ™‚

  2. That would be a very cool job. I will have to look them up when I am next in Brisvegas! Looking forward to your future posts about cool jobs in Brisbane. Apparently my son is determined to live in Brisbane when he grows up so i better know all the very best options for him for when he eventually decides to leave home πŸ™‚

    • Rachel - Ed
      Rachel - Ed Reply

      Wow he is very focused for a young man! They are such funny little things at times πŸ™‚

    • Rachel - Ed
      Rachel - Ed Reply

      Thanks Em – and I am with you 100% with the lurve handles (except its a lurve tummy in my case!)

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