Brisbane’s Best Date Nights: The Catbird Seat

Brisbane's best date Nights - Catbrid Seat

A bit of background…

For a restaurant that’s been open less than a year, The Catbird Seat has achieved that elusive success many restaurants never achieve. 

They made Gourmet Traveller’s  Top 10 new restaurants of 2014 and have recently been announced as one of fifty Queensland restaurants that are in the running to be part of the Australian Financial Review’s Top 100 Australian Restaurants. 

Pretty heady stuff right? But it’s not surprising once you’ve had a quick look at Chef James Guldberg’s pedigree. He’s been behind the stoves of some of Brisbane’s most popular restaurants including Montrachet, former Southbank eateries Piaf and Sardine Tin, and Survey & Co. 

Now in his own place with wife Erin running the floor, have created an intimate dining experience that is perfect for date nights!

What we had

Brook had…  I had… 
Goose liver pate, plum, lavosh Smoked quail, sweet gem, chestnut mushrooms, grains, tarragon creme
Wagyu beef, okra, blackened white onions,    sweet potato Violet Potato and poppy seed gnocchi, beetroot puree, golden shallots, walnuts, pecorino
A selection of Australian and European cheese served quince paste, pickles, assorted bread. Cannoli, lemon verbena crème, lime curd

What I Loved

Let’s be get one thing clear before I start: I’m a girl who likes her meat. But while reading the menu, something about the gnocchi got my attention. The combination of squishy pan-fried gnocchi teamed with my current beetroot obsession drew me in, and before I knew it I was doing something completely out of  character…

I was ordering a vegetarian main course!!  

And I’m happy to report it exceeded all my expectations. The beetroot puree was pure earthy goodness, while the golden shallots added a lovely sweetness. And the violet potato gnocchi was perfect – soft without being mushy and the perfect base for all the other flavours 

Dessert also gets a big thumbs up. The cannoli pastry had been cooked to crisp perfection and then filled with tangy lemon creme. I probably didn’t need it but boy was I glad I had it!

The Catbrid Seat 2015

Our meals at The Catbird Seat L-R: Wagyu, Cannoli, Gnocchi and Goose Liver Pate. Delicious all of it!

What Brook Loved

The goose liver pate was beautifully smooth with no “graininess” at all. The rich flavour was complimented by the sharp sweetness of the plum and made for a well balanced entree.

Initially I asked for the Wagyu to be cooked rare but was advised by Erin that medium rare was a better choice as it allowed the fat in the Wagyu to render more effectively. I went with her suggestion and was definitely happy with the result!

When it comes to dessert I’m a cheese lover all the way. The selection at The Catbird Seat was faultless – so much so that I just had to try all four!! Any discomfort I suffered from being so full afterwards was worth it. 


Why we’ll be back

OK so the food is amazing but a great date night is not made from food alone. Atmosphere is also very important and The Catbird Seat has it in spades!

It’s a very small space (I reckon it seats 30 people max) so the tables are fairly close to each other. However because there are so few of them you still get the feeling of intimacy – the other diners quickly fade away as you and your date relax into the evening.

The service is in keeping with the food and the decor – seamless and executed with absolute attention to detail.  

The verdict? We think The Catbird Seat is definitely a candidate for Brisbane’s best date night!


The Catbird Seat

2/888 Stanley Street

East Brisbane

Ph. 3392 2645 

Or like their Facebook page here

Parking is available in Potts Street just before you get to the venue, and there is also limited parking out the front on Stanley Street. 

Can you recommend a “date night” restaurant that you love to go to? If you have any recommendations let me know in the comments! 



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