The Battle is ON! Your Chance to Name Bella BBQ’s New Burger

These days in Brisbane you can hardly blink without another American style burger place popping up.

Which is fine with me – mainly because bad burgers are sort of like bad sex, in that even the bad ones are still pretty good…. Or so I’ve heard. Either way, the point is you’ll hear no burger bashing from me. 

But it is true to say that not all burgers are created equal. So when I recently had the opportunity to try the burgers from a new Brisbane food truck called Bella BBQ I was keen, but my expectations were fairly moderate. 

What I wasn’t expecting was this…

Bella BBQ Burgers 2

Imagine the last truly great burger you’ve ever had. Got it? OK now imagine that burger infused with the heavenly smoky flavour of traditional American BBQ. Then take it to the next level – I’m talking meat patties stuffed with cheese, or even peanut butter.

And then you’ve got a Bella BBQ burger.

How do they achieve such flavour and in a truck no less? The secret is twofold…

Firstly, the rubs and sauces.

Bella BBQ creator Steve Hellyer drew on the advice of some mates who were US competition level smokers to develop a “true” American BBQ flavour profile. Then he tested and experimented for twelve 12 months (yes a whole year) until he was finally satisfied. Now that’s some serious dedication to craft!  

In fact these rubs, sauces and “fries dust” have proved to be so popular that Bella BBQ products have recently gone retail, available from BBQ’s & More, Browns Plains.

Secondly it’s the smoke. 

Steve invested in a top of the line Yoder Smoker, a brand of  pellet smokers which have a track record of producing competition standard smoked meats. I’ve seen this thing close up and quite frankly, it’s a BEAST! 

“A Yoder of this size, delivered to Qld will set a punter back in excess of $10 000, ” says Steve. 

Depending on the size of the cut all Bella BBQ meat is smoked to perfection for somewhere between 12 to 18hrs.

Just think about that for a second.

That means the burger you are eating at 12.00 noon at your local markets started it’s low and slow journey to your mouth sometime late the previous night when Steve carefully settled the pattie into it’s place in the smoker.

Now THAT is a labour of love!

And now you have the chance to name Bella’s newest burger AND win free burgers for a year! 

bella bbq burger

After much demand from loyal Bella BBQ fans Steve has decided to add a chicken burger to his already formidable menu.

The new addition has managed to successfully capture the essence of buffalo wings, in burger form, andfeatures crumbed (then smoked) prime chicken breast, gourmet lettuce, cheese, smoked maple glazed bacon, buttered Frank’s hot sauce, and house-made blue cheese sauce.

Sound good? Here’s how to enter…

1. Like the Bella BBQ Facebook Page here

2. Add your burger name in the comment of this post here

3. Tag a friend you’d share the burgers with

That’s it! So get your creative juices flowing and you could win one of these every month for a year.

Want to get your hands on one of these babies? Download the Bella BBQ App here for instant access to upcoming locations, menus and special offers!

Entries close 30th June. 




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