All-American Day Out in Brisbane

An all-American day out in Brisbane

So the Ekka didn’t happen again this year – but it wasn’t my fault I swear! My biggest boy was away on camp and he would have been devastated beyond words if we’d gone without him.

And for those of you cynical, cynical people who doubt me I will make a solemn promise right here and now that next year our family WILL go to the Ekka! I will save the dosh, don a woolly scarf and throw my own personal ambivalence to the (westerly) winds!!

But just because we weren’t going to the Ekka didn’t mean I wanted to sit at home.

Instead we had the best all-American day out you can have in Brisbane with a massive double-header of rollerskating and southern-style burgers for dinner…

Activity: Roller-skating!
Where: Digi Skate @ 44 Johnson Rd, Hillcrest
How Much: $30 for the family + $4 per person skate hire (2 hour session)
More Info:

You know that skating rink you used to go to as a kid? Well if it’s still there the odds are it’s still EXACTLY as you left it.

We went with my sister and my nephew so there were five of us meaning we had to pay for one extra person on top of the $30 family pass, but even with skate hire on top it only cost us a total of $60 to get in. Bargain!

Once in side we quickly got our skates and clomped of to the main rink.

Being that it was a public holiday it was fairly packed.

There were plenty of the species Teenagus Vulgaris around, performing courting rituals on roller skates and generally clogging up the air with their pheromones.

But this was OK because when it got a bit rough and ready for Mr 6 out on the main rink he could retire to the smaller “mini-rink” area where the smaller kids could skate and play mini versions of the grown up games without fear of being collected by a backwards skating Romeo (as Max was).

digi skate images

We all had a blast! The boys love it (note: this was not our first time) and my sister and I loved getting some exersise while re-living the skate exploits of our youth. Plus there was the added bonus of embarrassing my teenage nephew with our attempts at “skate-dancing”!

All this exercise worked up a hunger so it wasn’t hard to convince the boys to have an early dinner at Carolina Kitchen…

carolina kitchen coorparoo

Dinner: Carolina Kitchen
Where: McAulay Street, Coorparoo
How Much: $60 and we rolled out of there stuffed!
Website: Check their Facebook page for details.

Located in a suburban side street in Coorparoo, its exactly what you want in a neighbourhood joint.

First of all it’s small, which means if you want to eat-in (which I recommend to get the full Carolina experience) then you need to be prepared to get up close to your neighbours in the pint-sized eating area.

Secondly, its casual. It’s the kind of place where EVERYONE in the neighbourhood feels comfortable. Diner demographics on the night we were there included families like ours, a young couple clearly on a first date, and a big group of young blokes who left just as we arrived.

But finally that thing that keeps pulling everyone back to the Carolina Kitchen is the taste.

There’s a lot of American food around these days but what makes these guys stand out in my opinion is their commitment to flavour.

Every bite you put in your mouth just sings! This speaks to me not only of attention to detail but pure LOVE for the food and what you’re putting on the plate.

Carolina Kitchen Images

My personal faves on the Carolina Kitchen menu are the items that involve chilli – by which I mean the rich tangy tomato and beef sauce they use and not the spice. Surprisingly the chilli isn’t hot at all but instead just adds a glorious ZING to everything it touches.

It makes the burgers messy but who cares? That’s the other great thing about good a neighbourhood joint – nobody judges you for having sauce on your face!

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7 Responses to “All-American Day Out in Brisbane”

  1. Don’t worry, I’ve never taken my boys to the Ekka either – admittedly they are still young! Your day sounds like so much fun, I’ve heard great things about Carolina Kitchen, hoping to get there one day ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Rachel - Ed
      Rachel - Ed Reply

      I definitely recommend it Lauren! It has a great relaxed vibe with is great got “dining” (and I use the word loosely!) with kids ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Burgers, beer and skating sounds pretty awesome to me. We aren’t going to our Royal Show this year in WA either. But I have promised NEXT year will definitely happen.

    • Rachel - Ed
      Rachel - Ed Reply

      It was awesome Anneleis, but like you I have bitten the bullet and “pinky promised” to take everyone next year (god help me) xx

    • Rachel - Ed
      Rachel - Ed Reply

      It was awesome. Rollerskating rocks! In other news I am going to try and stalk you / meet you at PB so consider yourself warned xx

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